So you would like to know about me? Well it is part of the Healey Life group of companies, well when I say companies I mean me, it’s just me. My name is Karl and I am a qualified manager with 20 years experience of business promoting.


“So how did you get into Website designing?” I hear you ask. Well, Healey Life started about 5 years ago. when my photography hobby of taking wildlife and landscape photographs started to get some attention. I thought, I know I wonder if I can sell them. So I set up a Facebook page, and decided it would be a good idea to have my own website.  I started off using the Weebly free site builder and put together a basic site. It looked quite nice but I hardly got any visits and I couldn’t get it to do the things I wanted (things are free for a reason.) Knowing it needed to be improved on I started again. And so was built


A few local businesses hired me to photograph items for their websites. I decided it would be a good challenge, and help build my reputation within the small community of Whitworth where I lived. The next step seemed to be not only providing them with photographs but to help with the website part as well.


The next site I was involved in building, was for a monthly craft market held in Whitworth. The Market was set up by some local business owners and myself. (which I am still involved with.) We set it up to help local businesses sell their products. We wanted a way for new stallholders to apply for a stall. A website with a custom contact sheet seemed the easiest way. 


Word then got out that I could help people with Site design and promotion and a local vaping shop soon asked for a site. The rest as they say is history.

And now I design websites for people.


I love the challenge of creating something that not only looks good but will help your business grow. For more information about the new website you are dreaming of. Get in touch here

SInce this time I have moved from Whitworth to a small West Yorkshire town named Todmorden. If you would like to know where that is it’s about here.