In the words of Kevin Costner “If we build good websites, they will come” (Field of Dreams, well almost) Well they will if they can find it!! You may have the best and prettiest looking website on the planet but if people can’t find it then it is pointless and a waste of your money and my time.

My aim is to help you build your business. It’s not just about pretty pictures and where the menu should go (These are important though.)


A website should tell people about your business.


You may want your site to sell your products or to get more bookings. well you won’t do either if your site is on page 70 on Google. Now I can’t guarantee the top slot on all the search engines (yes there are more than one) but I can help get it as close as possible.

I’m guessing you have been on a number of website design sites before you stumbled onto mine (or if i’ve done my job correctly my was the top of Google, page one) a lot will offer you SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as an added extra to the design price, They charge to make it look pretty then charge again to get people to find it. I don’t! (I see that as half a job)


My prices are for the whole package


Websites will vary in price, if you want a simple couple of page advertising your window cleaning business its going to be a lot cheaper then a 500 product ECommerce site selling ribbons. so i’m not going to put any prices on here, contact me and ask! let me know what you want and what you do and we will go from there.

I must point out that I might be a bright lad but I don’t know everything about every type of business, if I am to help you build your business I need to learn a little about it. (I recently had an enquiry from a civil engineering firm and had to do some research into what civil engineering was, I thought it was making things in a polite manner) So during the building process you will get lots of Emails asking questions.

I can also help if you have an existing site that’s a bit pants. perhaps it doesnt quite look right or the gallery slider hasnt got rounded corners or you wanted pink and got brown or (more importantly) you don’t get visits or enquiries through your site!! then please contact me here


I guess you are tired now from all this Googling and reading so here a picture of a little kitty having a lie down.



website page Cat picture

(My apologies if you are not a cat person but if you visit my other pages on this site you may find a dog pic just for you)