No I am not trying to sell my prowess as a party host (even if I do make very good open sandwiches) I’m talking about Web hosting. This is how your site is available to be viewed online. Your site is basically a computer program that is run 24 hours a day 7 days a week on a server (computer) in a data centre somewhere. everything you view on the internet is hosted by somebody. Now there are lots of companies available to host your site and I am one of them. The difference is that I don’t have a large call centre when your site breaks (and they do sometimes) It’s just me so you will always speak to me, no waiting in line trying to figure out if you need to press option 2 or option 17. You just ring (or email, Skype or whatever you wish) and we fix it.


I charge £5 per month Or £55 per year (if paid upfront) This includes one business email (extra are available)


Now I could (like other sites) tell you all the specifications for the server but what’s the point! If you need more info, or require certain site specs, then please contact me here