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So you would like to know about me? Well it is part of the Healey Life group of companies, well when I say companies I mean me, it’s just me. My name is Karl and I am a qualified manager with 20 years experience of business promoting.


“So how did you get into Website designing?” I hear you ask. Well, Healey Life started about 5 years ago. when my photography hobby of taking wildlife and landscape photographs started to get some attention. I thought, I know I wonder if I can sell them. So I set up a Facebook page, and decided it would be a good idea to have my own website.  I started off using the Weebly free site builder and put together a basic site. It looked quite nice but I hardly got any visits and I couldn’t get it to do the things I wanted (things are free for a reason.) Knowing it needed to be improved on I started again. And so was built Healeylifephotography.co.uk


A few local businesses hired me to photograph items for their websites. I decided it would be a good challenge, and help build my reputation within the small community of Whitworth where I lived. The next step seemed to be not only providing them with photographs but to help with the website part as well.


The next site I was involved in building, was for a monthly craft market held in Whitworth. The Market was set up by some local business owners and myself. (which I am still involved with.) We set it up to help local businesses sell their products. We wanted a way for new stallholders to apply for a stall. A website with a custom contact sheet seemed the easiest way. 


Word then got out that I could help people with Site design and promotion and a local vaping shop soon asked for a site. The rest as they say is history.

And now I design websites for people.


I love the challenge of creating something that not only looks good but will help your business grow. For more information about the new website you are dreaming of. Get in touch here

SInce this time I have moved from Whitworth to a small West Yorkshire town named Todmorden. If you would like to know where that is it’s about here.


Website Design

In the words of Kevin Costner “If we build good websites, they will come” (Field of Dreams, well almost) Well they will if they can find it!! You may have the best and prettiest looking website on the planet but if people can’t find it then it is pointless and a waste of your money and my time.

My aim is to help you build your business. It’s not just about pretty pictures and where the menu should go (These are important though.)


A website should tell people about your business.


You may want your site to sell your products or to get more bookings. well you won’t do either if your site is on page 70 on Google. Now I can’t guarantee the top slot on all the search engines (yes there are more than one) but I can help get it as close as possible.

I’m guessing you have been on a number of website design sites before you stumbled onto mine (or if i’ve done my job correctly my was the top of Google, page one) a lot will offer you SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as an added extra to the design price, They charge to make it look pretty then charge again to get people to find it. I don’t! (I see that as half a job)


My prices are for the whole package


Websites will vary in price, if you want a simple couple of page advertising your window cleaning business its going to be a lot cheaper then a 500 product ECommerce site selling ribbons. so i’m not going to put any prices on here, contact me and ask! let me know what you want and what you do and we will go from there.

I must point out that I might be a bright lad but I don’t know everything about every type of business, if I am to help you build your business I need to learn a little about it. (I recently had an enquiry from a civil engineering firm and had to do some research into what civil engineering was, I thought it was making things in a polite manner) So during the building process you will get lots of Emails asking questions.

I can also help if you have an existing site that’s a bit pants. perhaps it doesnt quite look right or the gallery slider hasnt got rounded corners or you wanted pink and got brown or (more importantly) you don’t get visits or enquiries through your site!! then please contact me here


I guess you are tired now from all this Googling and reading so here a picture of a little kitty having a lie down.



website page Cat picture

(My apologies if you are not a cat person but if you visit my other pages on this site you may find a dog pic just for you)


No I am not trying to sell my prowess as a party host (even if I do make very good open sandwiches) I’m talking about Web hosting. This is how your site is available to be viewed online. Your site is basically a computer program that is run 24 hours a day 7 days a week on a server (computer) in a data centre somewhere. everything you view on the internet is hosted by somebody. Now there are lots of companies available to host your site and I am one of them. The difference is that I don’t have a large call centre when your site breaks (and they do sometimes) It’s just me so you will always speak to me, no waiting in line trying to figure out if you need to press option 2 or option 17. You just ring (or email, Skype or whatever you wish) and we fix it.


I charge £5 per month Or £55 per year (if paid upfront) This includes one business email (extra are available)


Now I could (like other sites) tell you all the specifications for the server but what’s the point! If you need more info, or require certain site specs, then please contact me here

Social Media Support

Social media isn’t just about posting a picture of your food or to tell your friends that you are in the pub.


It’s a very important part of any business and the first way people will try to contact you and your business. whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. People (customers) use it every single minute of every single day. So you need to have a presence on these platforms. Now I hear you saying  “I only know how to share an image of a dog with ham on his face, How am I supposed to get likes or followers on Twitagram or Face+.” Well I can not only build and set up your pages, accounts etc, but I can teach you how to get the most out of the millions of people spending their time being social.


So let’s get Social.


Just give me a shout here and let’s have a chat.


Ok we all love the dog with ham on his face so here he is.



dog with ham on face hes social

Just to point out I’m not sure if this dog is male or female
(My apologies if you are not a dog person but if you visit my other pages on this site you may find a cat pic just for you)


Here is my portfolio have a look at some of the websites and businesses I have helped. You to could be on this page.



I’m not making up how brilliant I am, just check out the things my customers have to say about me in these testimonials.

mighty medicine
"I was eager to get my website completed but also concerned as to how it would look.  It's the window to your company and therefore brilliance was paramount. Karl didn't disappoint, it was a pleasure to work with him. From  the early discussions through to its completion, he was accommodating,  professional with specialist knowledge & pure talent in photography. Happy to recommend him for website design." 
Mighty Medicine

rochdale dog walking logo
I took over Rochdale Dog walking in January 2016, I required IT support and found Karl to be very helpful. Any problems I had with the website or emails Karl fixed within the day. Karl still provides me with support and is available at any point and always fixes any of my IT issues. I find Karl to be very professional and would recommend Karls Whitworth Websites to everyone. Karls service he provides makes my life easy as Karl changed all my information on my site. and updated it with new pictures and made the website look better by advising me what information I should have on my site. Top quality service! Many thanks for your support and help. Leah
Rochdale Dog Walking

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If I have got you interested in contacting me to discuss your business and website options or to get a quote, then as we no longer use the pony express fill in this form below and get in touch!

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